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PATH 23rd Street Station

PATH 23rd Street Station

Innovation of Simulation

ITEA and OBC have partnered to revolutionize the train simulaton experience with the PATH Railroad system project for OpenBVE. The first time New York's "Second Subway" has been created since WOS 1. With graphical intensity and accuracy paralleled by few other projects to date, you will not be disappointed.



33rd Street to Hoboken

Hoboken to World Trade Center

World Trade Center to Newark

33rd Street to Journal Square

Hoboken to Journal Square

33rd Street to Journal Square via Hoboken

All routes are being developed in both directions- the entire system is being worked on, including yards and layup tracks.







PA-4 Work Cars


Development Team

7 developers from OBC and ITEA are on the main development team for this project.

mrsam127, Nyctrman, BStyles, Sim Central, TyMorgan, Fan Railer, and Manuel Mejias are all dedicated to creating some of the most high quality content ever created for OpenBVE. Learn more about individual developers by clicking the button below.

Social Media

Keep up with project progress on social media outlets and transit forums.

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News & Articles

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One of the project leaders will recieve your inquiry and respond as soon as possible. Contact us about the content included, any assistance you can provide, or any general questions that you need answered.

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